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VIP Self Contained Units

VIP Self Contained Units are luxury restrooms which are rented for wedding and other patio parties. Every sanitary need is enfolded to satisfy all your guests. VIP Self Contained Units maintain privacy with hedonic environment. Includes fresh water sinks, flush toilets, self contained, no utility connections required and polished interiors.

Direct rental service VIP self contained units have these features, complete privacy, attractive floor designs, lighting, mirrored and polished interior. On request by the customer we do provide hand sanitizer, containment pan and hand wash sink.

Customers of Direct rental service can hire VIP Self Contained Units to accommodate facilities to their VIP guests. These restrooms are mainly hired for high class people accommodation who attends a party. The units are self contained available in different designs. Single or double or multi restroom unit designs are our specialty. We become fame for professional service approach to our clients and we are proud of it.

NOTE * Rental units, including color and make will vary from location to location. Co-Operative service providers will attempt to accommodate certain special requests.


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