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Wood Fence

There are quite a few reasons for constructing a fence. Wood fence can be a solid barrier that creates privacy or defines a location of the property. Security, noise relief and boundary explanation are logical reasons. A most effective and installed fence is likewise a stylish add-on to your field. Wood fences let you combine function and stylish. There is always nothing like wood for natural warmth and beauty.

Direct Rental Service offers a range of classic wood fencing styles in cedar, pressure-treated lumber and redwood. Pressure-treated wood fence contains chemical substances that hold up against insects, rot and decay. Cedar and redwood are naturally resistant. This wood fence can be found at less cost compared to vinyl and ornamental metal fencing. We also offer a varied choice of wood fence, from ornate to actually practical, in longevity, strength, and security property owners and businesses demand.

Our wood fence protects both insects and climate damage. For lasting beauty and durability, our company advice that you paint, stain or apply a moisture-proof sealer to your wood fence instantly following the installation. A picket fence is the commonest of the wooden fence designs. We offer all kinds of fences at affordable cost.


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