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Post & Rail Fence

Direct Rental Service carries a wide variety of post and rail fences. Whenever you have a large area to enclose, cost and installing time becomes a true factor. From border fencing for farming locations and parking areas to fences to surround residential progressions and business properties, post and rail fence is actually the fencing choice in several situations.
We have a strong, durable, low maintenance substitute for traditional post and rail fencing. It installs immediately for substantial savings, withstands any weather conditions without ever deteriorating and can look great for many years to come with minimum maintenance.

Post and rail fences are essentially the simplest kinds of fences, as they include horizontal rails suspended between large posts. Despite being so simplistic, post and rail fences are available in a few different varieties and are also made from a few different resources.

Post and rail fence is usually installed to the boundaries of a residence and enclosing fields. There really are two primary construction techniques for attaching the fence rails towards the fence posts. A standard and sturdy technique uses mortises, what are holes cut through the fence post by which the rails are inserted. A less expensive, but less durable method is to merely nail or screw the fence boards to the post; this procedure typically is quicker as well. Mortises are more long lasting, time-consuming and expensive.


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