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ADA Compliant Portable Toilet

ADA compliant portable restrooms will cater to the outdoor toileting needs of physically challenged people at outdoor events. These units are specifically manufactured so that their make and model comply with Americans with Disabilities Act. Direct Rental Service offers these units on rental basis across the United States.

There are multiple uses by these units apart from catering to the outdoor restroom needs of physically challenged people. The enlarged in-cabin space of the ADA compliant portable restroom units which are of dimensions 7′-8’x 7′-8’x 7′-8′ that are width, length and height respectively. Such uses include providing toileting facility to children who are too young to access restrooms by themselves. An adult can comfortably accommodate himself along with a child in these portable restroom units.

Direct Rental Service offers best quality portable restrooms like ADA compliant portable restrooms on rent in majority of the states in the country. Rent them for economical rental prices.

NOTE * Rental units, including color and make will vary from location to location. Co-Operative service providers will attempt to accommodate certain special requests.


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